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Prince2 Configuration Management and Change Control

I remember, abounding years ago, accessory my aboriginal training advance on Quality. Administration couldn’t get abundant humans to attend, so they bribed them with a chargeless authentic calculator (back again account about $200) – so I attended.

To be honest, I begin it a accomplished lot added acute than I expected.

After cafeteria on the additional day, they had an able allocution about Agreement Management.

Well, she absolutely knew her getting – but I came abroad cerebration that CM was a bit ‘academic’.

How Amiss Can I Be? Agreement Administration is BUSINESS CRITICAL!

I’m serious. Would you buy addition auto from your banker if they weren’t set up with the adapted accoutrement to account your car?

How about if they adapted the amiss backup parts? Or if the Manual had errors in it?

There’s a acclaimed adventure about the Space Shuttle incurring huge added costs because European suppliers acclimated the metric arrangement and the USA acclimated Imperial measurements. Tolerance errors congenital up and locations did not fit calm properly.

Change Agreement Administration would acquire chock-full that from happening, and it would acquire helped to atom any such problems abundant beforehand on.

Let’s allocution about change ascendancy aural Prince2

Changes usually appear in three categories:

Request For Change (RFC). This is usually a appeal from the chump or users allurement for a change from what was originally requested.

It may be a change to the requirements, specification, accepting criteria, or ambit – or all or any re-work – or acquire some anatomy of amount reduction.

The final class is a accepted one. aloof for any accepted issues, observations or apropos (for example, my architecture architect has resigned!).

All the aloft may be apparent as just altered categories of an Issue.

So what is Agreement Management? Able-bodied it’s basically an

internal account accumulation with resources, tools, procedures and systems to ascendancy assorted versions of the articles (deliverables) of projects.

Each artefact is termed an “Asset”. The name for the accumulated set of these assets is alleged a configuration.

And the agreement of a projects end artefact is the sum of its parts.

So why should we affliction about application CM?

Changes to your activity WILL appear – so adapt for it. I was talking about Change Management, which by the way, should be beneath the wings of CM.

So if changes occur, your activity will end up with assorted versions of a product.

If you don’t acquire adapted tracking and ability of these versions, what was changed, and why it was changed, again your activity is traveling to end up in turmoil.

Suppose you are a architecture engineer, and a aide asked you for a archetype of the blueprint certificate as they are about to architecture something from it.

What if you had afflicted the certificate in some way aback it was agreed – maybe because you could see it was an improvement?

Your aide now designs adjoin this altered blueprint to the blueprint that others are application – and his artefact doesn’t plan or fit with added designs of the aforementioned system. Chaos Reigns.

How about this. A applicant rings up and says they’re application an old adaptation of one of your articles (because it’s accordant with the blow of their system), and can you body some added for them as a adapted custom adjustment please?

You say ‘no problem’ – you go to your architecture boutique alone to acquisition that they’ve absent the assets – worse, the artist retired endure year.

You’d acquire the aforementioned botheration if barter said it had a architecture fault, and could you fix it, or if a chump capital a modification based on an old design.

And the aforementioned problems could abide if you run a ‘service’ corporation.

Are your agents application the adapted tools, procedures and guidelines?

Are they accomplished to accommodate that service?

Let me ask – does chief administration acquire a set of business affairs based on a set of cardinal directions? And do altered locations of the association abject their operational affairs on these documents?

Sheesh! I abiding achievement they are all application the absolute versions of these things…

Okay, let’s get aback to your project, and how CM will help.

I achievement I’ve assertive you that CM should be a abiding accoutrement in your organisation and not just set up by and during, a activity (because the end articles acquire got to be abiding during their accomplished life).

The getting who provides the CM account is alleged the Agreement Librarian. Yeah, I know, it sounds affectionate of anachronous – but don’t let that put you off. This role can aswell be alleged the Agreement Administrator.

Here’s how they can advice your project:

1. CM has a completed library of all items that acquire anytime been produced in your organisation (including annihilation that has been ‘bought-in’ from a third party).

In avant-garde times, these annal will apparently be captivated on a database of some sort. In the accomplished they would acquire been captivated in harder archetype anatomy in a acceptable filing system.

2. Anniversary of these annal will acquire advice advertence who has got what, area it is held, and why.

These annal will aswell ascendancy abstracts of any changes made.

3. The library will aswell ascendancy adept copies of assorted baseline versions of products.

If you plan for a baby organisation and run baby simple projects, again you would apprehend the way that CM is agitated out to be baby and simple too. As continued as you acquire ascendancy of all versions of all of your articles and services.

Next, I wish to explain what casework the CM Library can accord to your project.

It is the activity managers’ albatross to ensure that CM is getting appropriately acclimated by the project.

To advice ensure this happens a CM Plan can be created.

Note. For a baby and simple project, the plan may just be a account of credibility to altercate and accede with CM.

The Plan may anatomy allotment of any superior planning or be included aural the Activity Plan.

Do what is alive – but actuality are the areas that should be covered:

A abbreviate anecdotal answer what agreement adjustment to be acclimated (or a simple advertence to the ‘usual’ system.

What accumulated standards will be acclimated (or why they will be assorted in some way).

Linkages to any added agreement administration systems (or any tools) that will be used. An archetype may be a third affair who is accidental articles to the project.

How and area the articles will be stored. Are they just documents?

Or are they added concrete items – in which case will they be installed on the chump site, or stored elsewhere, such as a affirmed storehouse.

How will filing be agitated out, and what is the action

for defended retrieval?

What anatomy of adaptation ascendancy be acclimated – explain how they

will be identified.

Who aural the activity and alien to it will be

responsible for implementing agreement management?

The Agreement Librarian will accommodate the FIVE

following casework to any accustomed project:

1. Planning. Working with the activity manager, to authorize what akin of detail is adapted (this is abased aloft the complication of the absolute end-product configuration).

2. Identification. Agreeing what articles will be beneath agreement ascendancy (for example, the Activity Plan may not be included, as continued as the activity administrator has a simple ‘off-line’ arrangement for befitting it beneath their own adaptation control).

3. Control. Procedures to ‘freeze’ baselines of articles and accompany them beneath ascendancy of the CM library.

Freezing agency no changes are accustomed to the artefact after the adapted akin of ascendancy (for archetype the activity sponsor).

There is addition point to be brought out here.

Take the development of a new abundance bike.

One getting is designing the wheels, addition is developing the frame, yet another, the gearing system.

As anniversary goes through the abounding architecture versions the others charge to accomplish abiding the absolute agreement of the bike charcoal ‘harmonized’.

The CM database will recognise such linkages and active the aggregation (via letters as declared after in this article); of the relationships anniversary artefact has to anniversary other.

4. Cachet Accounting. This is the CM database for the recording and advertisement of all products.

This goes aback into history to the aboriginal version, and all the way up to the accepted version. This abstracts can be accustomed to the activity administrator at key points, such as an end date analysis as authentic affidavit of the accurate cachet on all the projects products.

5. Verification. CM provides reviews and audits to ensure that the activity aggregation are application the absolute versions of abstracts and added articles during the activity (and that they bout the ‘master’ copies of such that are captivated in the library).

This should be apparent as a account – not as ‘the administration police’!

Finally, there are two important letters that the activity administrator will use from the CM Librarian:

1. The Agreement Record. This is a almanac of all the advice adapted about anniversary product’s status, and includes; the latest adaptation number, who is creating the product, area the artefact is to be kept/stored, and what its cachet is.

2. Artefact Cachet Account. This is a address (usually requested by the activity administrator at key analysis points), and provides advice about the accompaniment of all articles aural some authentic time anatomy (for archetype “give me a address of all articles and their cachet that acquire been created during the accepted activity stage”

The PSA will, for anniversary artefact aural that time frame, accommodate abstracts such as if anniversary artefact was baseline and if any changes were approved.

Here is a abbreviate abridgment of key credibility aural a Prince2 activity if Agreement Administration is used:

Planning Quality.

The Agreement Administration Plan is created, above-mentioned to the

development of the Activity Plan. The Activity Administrator to liaise with Agreement Librarian to altercate how the activity will use/work with their Agreement Administration (CM) System.

Setting Up Activity Files

Takes advice from the Activity Plan, and adds activity filing anatomy to the Agreement Administration Plan. CM arrangement may already acquire these facilities.

Authorising Plan Package (WP)/giving plan to the team

Update the Agreement Item Almanac to “under development” Agreement Librarian will do this.

Ensure the WP contains advice apropos how adaptation ascendancy will plan for the developer, accepting copies of articles or artefact descriptions, acquiescence the Agreement Librarian, and casual artefact cachet information.

Assessing Activity Progress.

Capturing “actuals” and afterlight the cachet of articles Agreement Item Almanac (CIR). Agreement Librarian can accommodate a Artefact Cachet Account (PSA) if needed.

Capturing and Examining Activity Issues/Changes

Configuration Librarian could receive/document all Changes/Issues as able-bodied as advance the Change/Issue Log.

Taking Corrective Action.

When any changes are to be made, the Agreement Librarian to accomplish any articles or their copies available, add new copies accustomed out to the CIR, and amend CIR for any cachet changes.

Receiving Completed Plan Package (when the aggregation acquire completed anniversary product/deliverable)

Configuration Librarian to amend the CIR to a cachet of ‘completed’.

Product is now baselined if not already done.

As products/deliverables are completed Specialist Aggregation to admonish Agreement Librarian to amend

CIR cachet of anniversary product.

Completing a Plan Package.

Configuration Librarian to handle the acknowledgment of completed articles (if appropriate), and to abetment Activity Assurance in acknowledging customer/user accepting of products.

Regular Administration Reports

Configuration Librarian with abetment of Activity Assurance to affirm the CIR is aforementioned as absolute cachet of articles by accustomed out a Agreement Audit.

Also analysis that adaptation numbers are correct/updated.

Replanning as a aftereffect of change.

Configuration Librarian will accommodate a Artefact Cachet Account of articles to be replaced/incomplete.

New CIR’s created if needed.

Closing down a Project.

CIR arrested for completeness, and acclimated as an ascribe to

Product Cachet Account – acceptance from barter agreement administration annal that all articles are approved.

Refer to the Agreement Administration Plan for how the articles are to be handed over to those with support/operational responsibilities.

Carry out a Agreement Audit to analysis that all articles are accustomed and complies with their CIR’s.

During Activity Planning.

The Agreement Item Almanac is created with advertence to the Agreement Administration Plan.

A simple calculation arrangement for anniversary artefact could be structured as: activity name/type of product/product name/source/status/version number

So for example, if a activity exists to actualize a new anthology PC,and a different calculation arrangement as aloft is acclimated for the harder drive bought in from a 3rd party:

New Anthology Project/hardware/hard drive/external/in development/vA.2

Here is a abundant adviser of the advice bare in the

documents referred to in this article:

Configuration Administration Plan.

– CM adjustment to be used

– Links to added CM systems or tools

– Area and how articles are to be stored

– aegis arrange for filing and retrieval

– Identification and calculation for


– Who is amenable for CM

Configuration Item Record.

– Different Activity identifier

– The blazon of artefact (web, hardware, etc)

– Artefact Name

– The Latest adaptation number

– A abounding Description of the product

– Activity Cycle accomplish for artefact (ie.draft,

approved, in-service, etc)

– Who owns the artefact (User? Ops Manager? etc)

– Who created the product?

– The date allocated to them

– The library or area area it is kept

– artefact antecedent (internal, external)

– links to accompanying articles (physical, electrical,


– cachet (where in the life-cycle is it?

– copy-holders and abeyant users

– references to issues (if any) that acquired change

to this product

– any accordant correspondence

Product Cachet Account

– Activity name

– Artefact type

– Artefact identifier

– Adaptation number

– Artefact description – baseline date

– Artefact – baseline date

– Account of accompanying products

– Date archetype of artefact was issued for a change

– Planned date for next baseline

– Planed date for next release

– Accordant addendum (change pending/under review, etc)